Course Structure

How will we teach ‘Uncertain 2 Degrees’?

The course is taught every week on Thursday (10:15 to 11:45) in room 008 Grindelberg 5. Between the 5th of April and the 12th of July, we have in total 13 lectures. In each of the lectures, you students will actively participate either in form of open discussions or role-plays. In almost all lectures you will get homework to prepare mostly in groups.

Together with us, 6 lecturers from disciplines such as mathematics, natural and social sciences, we will discuss the question ‘Which role do uncertainties play in the debate about the ‘2-degree-limit’?’. Our main goal is to improve our joint understanding of the different perspectives on uncertainty and the resulting diversity of responses to it.


The course will be structured as follows:

Lecture 1-2 [Introduction]: Input from the lecturers on the course concept and uncertainty from an abstract point of view.

Lecture 3- 10 [Perspectives and Participation]: Lecturers will provide input on different perspectives of uncertainty (for more details go to Sessions Plan). Starting from the fourth lecture, you will use the input of the preceding lecture to prepare yourselves for role-plays (see Role-plays and figure 1), which will take place at the beginning of every lecture till the 10th (11th) class.

Since this lecture is still at an experimental stage and taught for the first time, we will decide on the content and the structure of the last few lectures later (particularly lecture 10 and 11). This allows us to adjust the content and the tasks answering your and our needs.

Lecture 11-13 [Conclusions and Feedback]: Although the last lectures are still up for major changes, we are planning to have a panel discussion in the second last lecture and a feedback, conclusion and summary lecture during our last meeting. We will provide you with further information on that within the semester.


The course structure is still up for changes. If you have questions or ideas, which are not answered nor covered in the Session Plan, Role-plays or Rules and Procedures, please contact the course coordination.